About Alyce

sitting 01Like her namesake, it’s difficult to define Alyce. It is often serious, sometimes humorous, and many times those two worlds collide like atoms in the LHC.

To define Alyce as a blog would not do it proper justice. Alyce is a storyteller, and each entry reads like a mini short story, with themes, plots, and characters. And her favorite character to write about is Alyce.

“I want the reader to like me, and equally important, identify with me,” she explains. “A cis reporter can tell you the who, where, what, when and why of the story, but not what it really feels like being transgender or intersex. That’s my advantage.”

But Alyce is not just about gender issues, although it might seem so at first glance. Alyce has many interests, and on any given day, she might decide to write about politics, religion, do an interview with somebody she finds interesting. She might review a show she attended the night before, or perhaps share something autobiographical with us. On occasion, Alyce might even  entertain us with a short work of fiction.