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Alice Unchained Now on Sale at Amazon

Alyce Unchained is part fiction and part memoir dealing with Gender Identity and the difficulties of growing up Intersex. It consists of a novella, a short memoir focusing on her childhood, a collection of short stories, as well as several essays on the subject. The fictional stories are character driven, most of which are based on Alyce’s life experiences.

Allison Annalora at Azul Lounge and Bar- Parade to the Star – Join the Celebration

Allison Annalora is a Star by anybody’s standard. Not only is she an outstanding performer, but she is also a gifted author whose memoir, Late Blooming: My Gender Journey, was published last year.

Join me on the 10th, have dinner, enjoy the show, and be a part of the Celebration. And be sure to say hello to Allison.

Frank Woodhull / Mary Johnson

I came across this very interesting story about a man named Frank Woodhull, who passed through Ellis Island in 1908, where they discovered that he was a woman named Mary Johnson.

The article was written by Philip Sutton, a historian who writes on the New York Public Library blog.

(Link included to original article)

Washington state offers third gender option on birth certificates

From CNN: Washington state residents who don’t identify as male or female will soon be able to choose X as their gender on birth certificates.

Starting January 27, they will be able to identify as male, female or X on birth certificates. The policy lets Washingtonians change existing documents; it does not apply to new ones.

Meet the Milquetoast Press

I’ve heard numerous journalists skewer Wolff, and discredit him, and then admit they’ve all heard the same stories Wolff wrote about in his book. Pardon me? You know that our country is being run into the ground by a childish moron and you say nothing? Could it be because you’re afraid you’ll lose your contacts in Government, and perhaps your cushy job and six-figure salary?

Pride and Remembrance

November is a schizophrenic month for the Transgender community. It begins with Pride, a joyous celebration of who we are, and concludes with a solemn remembrance of our brothers and sisters who fell victim to the violence and hatred that permeates throughout our society.

Betsy Driver

We must make people aware of all the victims who suffered these unnecessary surgeries, the victims of societal rejection who took their lives because of isolation and despair, as well as those who never had the opportunity to live the lives they were born to live.

November 8th – Intersex Day of Remembrance

Barbin was assigned female at birth, but she never felt like she quite fit in with the other girls at school. She was awkward, and not at all graceful or feminine looking like her friends. At puberty, she did not begin to menstruate, her breasts never developed, and some fine, facial hair appeared on her chin and cheeks.

Election Day 2017 – Why I endorse Lisa Middleton

The first time I met Lisa, she was addressing the Palm Springs City Council about a local, neighborhood issue. It wasn’t a Transgender matter, it was a community leader addressing a problem that affected her neighbors.

The next time I met her, it was also at City Hall, where she was sitting on a panel discussing the impact that the newly elected Trump administration might have on the Transgender community.

Lisa Middleton for Palm Springs City Council

“I am committed to a Palm Springs that is a welcoming, inclusive and a vibrant community of neighbors. A place where our residents are at home and our visitors don’t want to leave.”