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Wendy Carlos

Her success should have opened up a whole, new world for her, but fear of discovery kept her captive in the New York City home she shared with her friend and producer. When George Harrison decided to visit Carlos at her home to discuss the use of synthesizers in his music, Rachel told the ex-Beatle that Carlos was out of town while Wendy painfully listened from her upstairs room. Similar incidents occurred when Stevie Wonder and keyboard player Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer attempted to pay a visit to the reclusive musician.

The Case of Missing Front Tooth

You can interact with Alyce and not even realize it.  It’s almost like walking through the morning mist, and you think nothing of it until you get home and discover that your clothes are damp.  It’s only then that you realize the presence.

She said…

John Lennon didn’t know me, but yet he perfectly described the life I lived for sixty-plus years. It was somebody else’s life, not mine. I was buried alive, afraid to come out of my coffin, afraid to be me. I knew what it was like to be dead.


Naturally, you told everyone it was just a costume, but you knew that was a lie. You could get away with it the first year, and maybe the second, but suspicions were aroused after a decade of donning drag every October 31st.

Intersex Awareness Day – October 26th

An aware society would have recognized the beauty and the wonder of the Intersex child, just as they would any other child. They wouldn’t have tried to erase us from the public consciousness, denying that we even exist. They wouldn’t have mutilated our genitals to make us appear more male or more female. They wouldn’t have forced us to live lives that were not ours to live.

I had it rough, but I’m aware that others suffered far greater indignities than I did. I was spared the physical mutilation that scarred several generations of our community. It must stop now.

Review: The Palm Springs Divas at Azul

The evening ended with an encore by Allison, who performed a sensational version of the standard Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I know, everybody does it; it’s almost a cliché. But her arrangement was new and different, a modern take on an old classic. Plus it was the perfect opportunity for her to show off her incredible vocal range, and it was absolutely thrilling to hear those high notes that few singers could ever hope to reach.

It’s Official – I’m Intersex

On August 30, 2017, I received notice that my request to correct my birth certificate was approved. I was no longer male; I was Intersex…

The Impact of the Gender Recognition Act (SB 179) on the Transgender Community

SB 179 will have an enormous impact on the intersex & transgender communities.

Blending in

I hid myself from the world behind a scruffy beard, baggy clothes, and an attitude appropriate to my assigned gender. I did things to appear manly, and avoided the feminine at all cost. I did what they wanted me to do, not the things that would have made me happy. I didn’t want people to notice me; I just wanted to disappear. So I did the best I could to blend in.


It’s time that doctors stop playing god with Intersex children, and time for society to stop trying to fit them into a box where they don’t belong. There is nothing wrong with these children. They do not need to be fixed.