Desert Outlook

Alyce Anders writes about Transgender and Intersex issues for the Desert Outlook, a monthly magazine published by the Desert Sun newspaper. Her  recent articles, A Woman’s Way and Valley Resident Receives Rare INTERSEX Birth Certificate were picked up by USA Today online.


Desert Outlook – October 2016 issue: Help Wanted. Alyce Anders writes about the difficulties Transgender men and women have finding employment.

Desert Outlook – January 2017 issue: The Right Fit. Alyce Anders interviews Life Coach Laura Meeks, a retired Air Force pilot.

Desert Outlook – May 2017 issue: A Woman’s Way. Alyce Anders interviews the popular chanteuse Allison Lenore Annalora about her recently published memoir, Late Blooming: A Gender Journey.

Desert Outlook – September 2017 issue: Lifting the Veil on Addiction & Recovery. Alyce Anders writes about addiction and recovery in the Transgender Community. Featuring Transgender activist Kaitlin Riordan and Robert Ischinger, a primary therapist at Michael’s House in Palm Springs.

Desert Outlook – October 2017 issue: Valley Resident Receives Rare INTERSEX Birth Certificate.  Last December, New York City became the first municipality or state to recognize people born INTERSEX on their birth certificates. In late August, Alyce Anders was granted a corrected birth certificate, becoming just the third officially designated INTERSEX American. In this article, Alyce writes about the importance of having an option other than Male and Female on official documentation, and discusses the passage of the Gender Recognition Act (SB 179) in her adopted state of California

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