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Meet the Milquetoast Press

I’ve heard numerous journalists skewer Wolff, and discredit him, and then admit they’ve all heard the same stories Wolff wrote about in his book. Pardon me? You know that our country is being run into the ground by a childish moron and you say nothing? Could it be because you’re afraid you’ll lose your contacts in Government, and perhaps your cushy job and six-figure salary?

Betsy Driver

We must make people aware of all the victims who suffered these unnecessary surgeries, the victims of societal rejection who took their lives because of isolation and despair, as well as those who never had the opportunity to live the lives they were born to live.

Election Day 2017 – Why I endorse Lisa Middleton

The first time I met Lisa, she was addressing the Palm Springs City Council about a local, neighborhood issue. It wasn’t a Transgender matter, it was a community leader addressing a problem that affected her neighbors.

The next time I met her, it was also at City Hall, where she was sitting on a panel discussing the impact that the newly elected Trump administration might have on the Transgender community.

Lisa Middleton for Palm Springs City Council

“I am committed to a Palm Springs that is a welcoming, inclusive and a vibrant community of neighbors. A place where our residents are at home and our visitors don’t want to leave.”