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Frank Woodhull / Mary Johnson

I came across this very interesting story about a man named Frank Woodhull, who passed through Ellis Island in 1908, where they discovered that he was a woman named Mary Johnson.

The article was written by Philip Sutton, a historian who writes on the New York Public Library blog.

(Link included to original article)

Wendy Carlos

Her success should have opened up a whole, new world for her, but fear of discovery kept her captive in the New York City home she shared with her friend and producer. When George Harrison decided to visit Carlos at her home to discuss the use of synthesizers in his music, Rachel told the ex-Beatle that Carlos was out of town while Wendy painfully listened from her upstairs room. Similar incidents occurred when Stevie Wonder and keyboard player Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer attempted to pay a visit to the reclusive musician.

The Ladies of Stonewall

During the raid on the evening of June 28, 1969, the drag queens resisted and refused to go with the female officers. This act of civil disobedience in the face of injustice, in the true spirit of Thoreau or Gandhi, set in motion a series of events that quickly escalated into the riot. In solidarity with the drag queens who were being harassed by the police, many of the male patrons of the bar refused to show their identification.