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Allison Annalora at Azul Lounge and Bar- Parade to the Star – Join the Celebration

Allison Annalora is a Star by anybody’s standard. Not only is she an outstanding performer, but she is also a gifted author whose memoir, Late Blooming: My Gender Journey, was published last year.

Join me on the 10th, have dinner, enjoy the show, and be a part of the Celebration. And be sure to say hello to Allison.

Wendy Carlos

Her success should have opened up a whole, new world for her, but fear of discovery kept her captive in the New York City home she shared with her friend and producer. When George Harrison decided to visit Carlos at her home to discuss the use of synthesizers in his music, Rachel told the ex-Beatle that Carlos was out of town while Wendy painfully listened from her upstairs room. Similar incidents occurred when Stevie Wonder and keyboard player Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer attempted to pay a visit to the reclusive musician.

Review: The Palm Springs Divas at Azul

The evening ended with an encore by Allison, who performed a sensational version of the standard Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I know, everybody does it; it’s almost a cliché. But her arrangement was new and different, a modern take on an old classic. Plus it was the perfect opportunity for her to show off her incredible vocal range, and it was absolutely thrilling to hear those high notes that few singers could ever hope to reach.