Meet the Milquetoast Press

While some journalists are critical of Michael Wolff’s methods, others now seemed emboldened to speak out.
Trump does not deal with the press fairly, he calls them “fake news,” demands that journalists be fired, tries to stop publication of a book…
The pernicious slime occupying the White House does not believe in the first amendment, nor our right to free speech. Like all dictatorial despots, he wants to silence the truth when it’s inconvenient to him. Our rights be damned.
Since Trump does not treat the press with the respect they deserve, why should journalists adhere to some quaint notion of playing by some arbitrary rules of fairness? Should they not fight back?
I’ve heard numerous journalists skewer Wolff, and discredit him, and then admit they’ve all heard the same stories Wolff wrote about in his book. Pardon me? You know that our country is being run into the ground by a childish moron and you say nothing? Could it be because you’re afraid you’ll lose your contacts in Government, and perhaps your cushy job and six-figure salary?
To paraphrase a line in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, there are no rules in a knife fight.