Election Day 2017 – Why I endorse Lisa Middleton

Lisa-Middleton-WebsiteThe first time I met Lisa, she was addressing the Palm Springs City Council about a local, neighborhood issue. It wasn’t a Transgender matter, it was a community leader addressing a problem that affected her neighbors.

The next time I met her, it was also at City Hall, where she was sitting on a panel discussing the impact that the newly elected Trump administration might have on the Transgender community.

We didn’t get the chance to speak on either of these occasions, circumstances allowed us little more than a brief moment to exchange pleasantries. But I was truly impressed by her intelligence and passion, and her grasp of the issues.

I finally got the opportunity to speak with Lisa earlier this year. A friend of mine needed some guidance on a project she was working on, and when she asked who would be the best person to speak to, Lisa Middleton was the person everyone suggested. And even though Lisa was extremely busy preparing for her upcoming campaign, she agreed to meet with us to discuss the matter, and spent well over an hour offering her suggestions.

Lisa Middleton is always there when we need her. Her devotion to the community is legendary, and her resumé is a testimony to her devotion.

  • A member of the City of Palm Springs Planning Commission.
  • A member of the City of Palm Springs Homeless Task Force.
  • A member of the Board of Directors for Neighborhoods USA.
  • A member of the Board of Directors of the Equality California Institute.
  • A member of the LGBT Community Center of the Desert Board of Directors.
  • A member of the City of the Palm Springs, Ethics, Transparency and Government Reform Task Force.

And that’s just a partial list of the things Lisa does for our community.

All too often, we are tribal on Election Day and vote for someone simply because they are a member of our tribe. Today, I am voting for Lisa Middleton, not because she’s the Transgender candidate, but because she is the Best candidate.

 Alyce M. Anders

November 7, 2017