Lisa Middleton for Palm Springs City Council


Meet Lisa Middleton

Palm Springs is the best place Lisa Middleton has ever lived. She is running for City Council to make certain that it remains so for all of us.

The foundation of Lisa’s involvement in Palm Springs is the neighborhoods. Shortly after moving to the city, she joined the Advisory Council of her neighborhood – Tahquitz River Estates. She was elected Chairperson and shortly after as Chair of ONE-PS. ONE-PS is a coalition of 43 neighborhood groups that, under her leadership, grew and took a major role on critical issues such as street repairs, vacation rental compliance, and pedestrian and traffic safety.

Since July 2014, Lisa has been a member of the Palm Springs Planning Commission. As a Commissioner, she has advocated for neighborhood/developer cooperation, increased use of solar and renewable power, and the creative use of desert landscaping. She is focused on the revitalization of our downtown and sustainable development projects that excel – architecturally and economically – and on the elimination of abandoned buildings and blighted vacant lots. Lisa is committed to saving our unique and undeveloped canyons and hillsides from development.

Lisa knows how and has the experience to make government work. She is passionate about public service and the sacred trust owed by those in government to the people they serve. Lisa worked for 36 years with the State Compensation Insurance Fund of California. Her first job was performing workers compensation audits in East LA and Vernon. At retirement, she was Senior Vice President of Internal Affairs.

Lisa is known as a coalition builder and consensus maker. Her mantra is that even though no-one is ever in 100% agreement, everyone has an equal right to be heard. Lisa knows how to listen and she is committed to ensuring that Palm Springs government is open and accessible to all. She will be in your neighborhood, first listening and then taking action to get things done.

Lisa’s professional peers recognized her leadership ability; she twice chaired the California Workers Compensation Institute Claims Committee (CWCI) from 2000 – 2004, and in 2010 she was elected chair of the Workers Compensation Fraud Assessment Commission.

Lisa serves on the Board of Directors of Neighborhoods USA, Equality California, the LGBT Center of the Desert and the Desert Horticulture Society. She has previously served on Parish Councils in Loma Linda and San Francisco, the Board of Directors of Lyon-Martin Women’s Health Services and the USC LGBT Alumni Association.

Her commitment to fairness, equality and civility are absolute. She is resilient. As a Palm Springs City Council member, Lisa will be one of only eight Transgender elected officials in the nation and the first out candidate to be elected to a City Council in California.

Those who know Lisa, know of her tremendous work ethic- no-one will out work her! Lisa was the first in her family to attend college. Her family were sharecroppers and farm workers who came to California from Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl. She went to East Los Angles College, graduated from UCLA and received a Masters in Public Administration from USC.

Her wife, Cheryl O’Callaghan, is a retired Nurse. Cheryl and Lisa have been together since 2000 and married in July 2013. She is the proud and loving parent of two adult children; John who teaches High School in Ventura County and Lauren who teaches middle school in Inglewood.

Lisa looks forward to a rigorous campaign for City Council and, if elected, to making Palm Springs an even greater place to live and do business for its residents and visitors.

In this election the future of Palm Springs is at stake. I am committed to a Palm Springs that is a welcoming, inclusive and a vibrant community of neighbors. A place where our residents are at home and our visitors don’t want to leave.

Palm Springs is the best place that I have ever lived and I pledge to work to keep it that way. My foundation is our neighborhoods. I know the people of this city and have the leadership ability to get things done. As Chair of ONE-PS and a Planning Commissioner, I have built coalitions and brought people together on a multitude of issues – ranging from the revitalization of downtown to sustainable development projects to neighborhood safety – that have improved the city for all of us.

Our city and our city government have been through a trial. We have a choice – will it divide us or make us stronger? I have spent my adult life in government and I know how to make it work. I am committed to a city government that reflects our best and, from a 36 year career in public service, have the experience to make our control systems and review processes stronger and more effective.

I am committed to a city government that works for its residents, fostering a renewable energy industry and ensuring responsible development.
• Our city government is responsible for the most basic of public services – police, fire, streets, trash pick up, sanitation, city planning, and public safety – and I am committed to ensuring our city services are efficient, effective and accessible. I have the experience and know how good government works and will use that experience to ensure that it works for every resident of our city.
• I led the charge for solar on the Planning Commission and I will continue that on City Council. Palm Springs gets over 350 days of sunshine a year and the north side of Palm Springs is one the best places in the world for wind energy. Managed well, this is a great opportunity for Palm Springs to broaden its economic base and provide new jobs in the rapidly expanding green industry for residents.
• It is essential that we manage all aspects of the development of our city in a planned and responsible fashion. I am focused on the revitalization of our downtown and sustainable development projects that excel – architecturally and economically. Initiatives to eliminate abandoned buildings and blighted vacant lots are a priority. As is my commitment to saving our undeveloped canyons and hillsides from development.

Good government begins and ends with absolute integrity, an ability to listen and a government that is open, accountable and responsible. I will be in your neighborhood, first listening and then getting things done. I will hold “Office Hours” weekly at City Hall open to any resident or businessperson without an appointment, first come-first served. I will host public meetings no less than once a year in every one of our 43 neighborhoods.

I have spent my adult life as a public servant. I am proud of it. On November 7th, I would appreciate your vote.

Lisa Middleton

Lisa was honored to be included in the 2016 Pride Honors Awards recipients from Palm Springs Pride with the Spirit of Stonewall Community Service Award. Lisa gives her time to the community through a number of community groups and appointed positions. These are some of her current and past roles:

· Member, Planning Commission, City of Palm Springs, July 2014 to present

· Chairwoman, Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs, January 2015 to January 2017; now Past-Chairwoman

· Member, City of Palm Springs Homeless Task Force, 2015 to present

· Member, City of Palm Springs, Ethics, Transparency and Government Reform Task Force, March 2016 to present

· Member, Board of Directors, Neighborhoods USA, October 2016 to present

· Member, Board of Directors, Desert Horticulture Society of the Coachella Valley, October 2011 to present

· Member, Board of Directors, Equality California Institute, February 2016 to present

· Member, Board of Directors, LGBT Community Center of the Desert, 2012 to present

· Chair, Tahquitz River Estates Neighborhood Organization; Palm Springs, December 2012 to 2014

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