Do you remember how much you looked forward to Halloween? It was the one day of the year when you could dress up, go out into the world, and be yourself.

Naturally, you told everyone it was just a costume, but you knew that was a lie. You could get away with it the first year, and maybe the second, but suspicions were aroused after a decade of donning drag every October 31st.

And then all too soon, they day was over, and it was time to go back inside with all the other freaks and ghouls that come alive for that one night. Once again, it was time to pretend to be someone else. 

But we’re not freaks and ghouls, we’re not repulsive, and we’re definitely not scary. We’re people, not monsters like Frankenstein or the Wolf Man. Do you know who the real monsters are? Narrow minded bigots who hate and discriminate.

This is our place, and this is our time. Our time to emerge from the darkness and shadows, and claim the daylight as our own. And it is time to banish the real freaks to perdition, where they belong.

The more people see us, the more they’ll recognize the humanity that exists inside us all. That’s why we need to be visible, and not hidden away in a dusty, old box on the top shelf of the closet with an ancient Frankenstein mask.