Alyce’s Bio


“I am both and I am neither, but I am seldom completely one or the other.”

ama 20170615_153042 sq_InPixio borderAlyce Anders studied photojournalism at the City University of New York, and currently writes about issues that affect the Transgender and Intersex communities. Her Trans Life column can be found in the Desert Outlook magazine, a USA Today publication.

On August 30, 2017, Alyce was issued a corrected birth certificate from New York City, which accurately indicates her sex as INTERSEX. At that time, she was just the third known recipient of an INTERSEX birth certificate in the United States.

She was formerly a board member of the Transgender Community Coalition, where she served as the Secretary as well as the organization’s Intersex ambassador.

Alyce is an advocate for recognizing Intersex as a third gender on all official forms, and was a strong supporter of California’s Gender Recognition Act of 2017 (SB 179). But she feels that the most pressing issue facing the Intersex community is the unnecessary genital mutilation of Intersex infants and children to make them fit into one of two socially acceptable categories, Male or Female.

“There’s nothing wrong with being Intersex,” she explains. “The child is perfect, it’s society that has the problem.”

Alyce has coauthored John-Paul Valdez’s soon to be published memoir Crossing Borders, and is in the process of completing her own collection of fictional and autobiographical stories tentatively titled Alyce Unchained.


You can email Alyce at or friend her on FaceBook. Please follow Alyce on her FaceBook author’s page to keep up with other writing project she might be working on.